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A closer look: 'Fargo Dinner'


Colleen Stillwell, left, and Dennis Maher will host a joint art and food event on Saturday. Photo by Ginny Rose Stewart.

Title: "Fargo Dinner" // Artists: Dennis Maher and Colleen Stillwell // Saturday in The Fargo House // Sold out

If art can be food and food can be art  -- and at this moment in Buffalo's cultural and culinary evolution, it would be straight-up foolhardy to dispute the notion -- then this new collaboration between architect and artist Dennis Maher and pastry chef extraordinaire Colleen Stillwell has to rank as an ideal marriage. On Saturday, 50 guests will filter through Maher's Fargo House, an ever-evolving sculptural creation where he lives and works as they experience "nine different courses in nine different atmospheres."

According to curator Claire Schneider, formerly of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and now working independently in Buffalo and elsewhere, "the ingredients, presentation and taste of each course will resonate with the rooms within which each plate is set."

"The cycling of guests and culinary delights throughout the house is meant to echo the movements of objects and materials that are continually reorganized within Maher's own living space," she continued. "Participatnts will metaphorically 'consume' the house -- its walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and objects."

No word yet on exactly what the house will taste like, but if the sold-out event goes well, we can expect to see more such fusions of art and food in the future.

--Colin Dabkowski

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