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Letter: Uniting with Hamas further delays peace

Uniting with Hamas further delays peace

Israel has rightfully suspended its participation in peace talks in response to the announced unification agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. As a U.S. State Department spokesman commented, Israel can hardly be expected to negotiate with a deadly terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction.

It was notable that in making this announcement, neither Hamas nor the Palestinian Authority indicated that Hamas was committing itself to a two-state solution, or renouncing the goal in the Hamas Charter of the destruction of Israel. It was also notable that in recent days the military wing of Fatah, affiliated with the Palestinian Authority, stated it will continue “armed resistance” until Israel is destroyed.

Hamas is recognized by the United States, the European Union and Israel as a terrorist organization. By uniting with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority is implicitly embracing the goals and methodology of Hamas.

Making peace with those whose sole goal is Israel’s destruction is impossible, and will remain so until Palestinians prioritize the creation of their own state over the destruction of Israel.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.