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Letter: Government continues to abuse U.S. citizens

Government continues to abuse U.S. citizens

The recent seizure by the federal government of a woman’s tax refund for overpayments made to her deceased mother 37 years ago demonstrates the arrogant disregard our government has for its citizens. The seizure dances beyond the ridiculous to the absurd. It highlights an attitude by the government that, even when it has made the mistake of overpaying, it knows no bounds in its zealous pursuit of restitution. It seems to want to instill fear and perpetuate the myth of absolute government power by never losing. It doesn’t care about the expenses and legal fees a citizen has to incur to fight it.

It seems reasonable to acknowledge that when a person the government has a claim against dies without sufficient assets in his estate to pay the claim, the government has lost. But not to our fixated bureaucrats. They wait decades for the recipient’s young children to reach adulthood and then seize money from them. No notice is given. No proof of the original claim is shown and there is no evidence that the child ever saw a dime of the government payment.

The seizure is just plain wrong. The government needs to accept that death cancels debts and stop trying to pass it on to the next generation. Does common sense have to be legislated or do we just need to hire better bureaucrats?

Michael Hall