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Disc: Diane Schuur, “I Remember You: With Love to Stan and Frank”


Diane Schuur

I Remember You: With Love to Stan and Frank


Three stars

Considering the fame of Diane Schuur – remember the buzz when she came to the Lewiston Jazz Festival a couple of years ago? – this album is surprisingly down-home. I like Schuur’s sunny voice, and her style. And so I found myself thinking throughout this disc that we should hear more of her. She shares the spotlight too readily. There are the same old, same old sax solos (saxophones always dominate), and bass solos which are usually, face it, a bore.

The ballads are, predictably, the best numbers on the disc. Schuur brings a lot of emotion to Jimmy Webb’s “Didn’t We,” which is as moving as anything on Broadway. “Here’s That Rainy Day” also is touching, and a slow “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” gets a creatively light-hearted, laughing treatment. “I Remember You” is flip and uptempo – even with Schuur’s pretty piano solos, I wished it were a ballad.

Such prejudices aside this is a bright and likable tribute to Frank Sinatra and Schuur’s old flame Stan Getz. Schuur doesn’t play her own piano here; her pianist is Alan Broadbent. Sidemen include guitarists Romero Lubambo and Roni Ben-Hur, drummer Ulysses Owens Jr., bassist Ben Wolfe and saxophonist Joel Frahm.

– Mary Kunz Goldman