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Letter: We must elect politicians who uphold Constitution

We must elect politicians who uphold Constitution

I feel that it is totally incredulous that Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, is going to spend millions of dollars to “break the NRA,” an agency trying to protect the Second Amendment rights of the people who are lawful gun owners.

There are so many other ways to put that kind of money to good use for society. The gangs that have spread all over the country are one of the largest importers and distributors of illegal firearms. What about the failure to protect our borders from the thousands of people whose first foot in this country is breaking a law? How many terrorists have crossed the borders with one thought in mind – and that is to kill us?

There are so many good things that Bloomberg’s money could be used for. The mentally and physically injured veterans who have to wait for benefits. Medical research. Our abysmal school systems. Helping to get people back to work, and extending benefits for those who cannot find work. Investing in our crumbling infrastructure. Lowering legitimate drug costs instead of cutting people off because of the type of disease they have or the age of the person.

We are allowing an egocentric man with lots of money to control us. How important is the size of a soda you can buy in New York City? Shouldn’t it be our choice as free people? We are at the point where our laws and politicians are controlled by people with lots of money. No longer are we a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” People have to think before they vote. Don’t just vote for a political party; research the men and women running. Will they uphold our Constitution as written by our forefathers, who came from oppression? Let’s get America back to a place where we are respected and admired and a role model for the world.

Donna Capitano Nardozzi