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Letter: Malone should rethink Catholic school closings

Malone should rethink Catholic school closings

I am 99.99 percent sure that Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard Malone realizes that the process that closed 10 Catholic elementary schools in our area was flawed. Regardless, it’s not too late for the bishop to right the wrong that has been done and allow the schools that have sent formal appeals to the Vatican to remain open pending a decision by the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome.

I say I am 99.99 percent sure because I realize that no one is perfect – we all make mistakes. But we can also learn from our mistakes and, if possible, we should take corrective steps to fix what was done incorrectly or unfairly. It’s not too late to make this right.

I believe that money and politics are the only reasons that these schools were closed. The supposed “data and criteria” played absolutely no role whatsoever in the Revitalization Committee’s decision. What did play a role was family connections. If the data was so vital in this decision, why hasn’t all of it been shared with the public? Where has Carol Kostyniak, the mastermind behind this process, been the past two months? She hasn’t been heard or seen for almost two months.

On judgment day, those involved in this decision will have quite a bit of explaining to do. There is still time for Malone to make things right and start a true revitalization.

Jane Busha