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HGTV series shot here with engaged hosts expected to air in October

By Alan Pergament

Now it can be told: 

You may recall that I reported almost a month ago that an HGTV series with obvious similarities to the popular "Rehab Addict" was going to be filmed on the West Side of Buffalo.

A spokesperson for the cable network's public relations company confirmed Monday that the show that is in production and is being filmed here this spring and summer for at least three months is titled “American Rehab.”

The spokesperson added that HGTV is currently scheduled to premiere six episodes of "American Rehab" in October 2014 and that the hosts are Jason Wilson and local housing activist Bernice Radle.

If Radle's name sounds familiar, it is because she appeared with Thurman Thomas and Lance Diamond on Mo Rocca's piece about chicken wings on CBS' "Sunday Morning." It aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

Radle illustrated in that piece that she is very comfortable talking in front of a camera. She dominated the piece. The house being rehabbed is on 19th Street.

This Just In: The spokesperson confirmed this morning that co-hosts Wilson and Radle "are actually engaged and planning a wedding as we speak."

Now it also can be told that Western New Yorkers weren't all that interested in watching the National Football League schedule specials on ESPN 2 and the NFL Network last Wednesday.

The schedule show on ESPN2 averaged less than a 1 rating here for the first hour. The NFL Network coverage barely registered a rating here at all. If you are a social network follower reading all the posts and tweets about the schedule, you might demand a recount.

The shows certainly weren't helped by the NFL's mistakenly prematurely releasing the schedules in several markets, including Buffalo, on team websites. Once you knew the schedule, there was little reason to watch the programs.

Those ratings certainly dispute the theory that the scheduling programs would get higher ratings here than playoff hockey and basketball games carried opposite them. Two NBA playoff games that night averaged 1.1 ratings here and a NHL game averaged a 2.0 rating here.

I know he hasn't been here very long and he didn't get much time for his sports report at 6 p.m. Monday, but it was hard to believe that Channel 4 sports anchor Steve Vesey only gave the death of former Buffalo Braves Coach Jack Ramsay about 10-15 seconds on his sportscast. If Vesey had been around here longer, he might have known that Ramsay deserved better. The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams almost gave Ramsay's death a full minute, with Williams noting that Dr. Jack was "widely regarded as one of the Top 10 coaches of all time." 

One of the reasons that Vesey didn't get much time for sports was because Channel 4 gave reporter Lou Raguse extra time to do an excellent strong story on a mother, Kim Lawton, who has been exonerated by Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita of poisoning her own infant son and still hasn't been able to see him or her two other children. The story was riveting, though it did leave some unanswered questions.  

Ryan Miller's final game in the Stanley Cup playoffs Sunday afternoon this season -- a 5-1 St. Louis loss to Chicago and Patrick Kane -- had a strong 5.3 rating on Channel 2. Golden State's lopsided victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on the day that the alleged racist remarks from Clippers Owner Donald Sterling recordings became big news had a 3.3 rating on Channel 7 opposite the Miller game. 

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