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Charges still pending against school board candidate

Efforts to get all charges dismissed against Buffalo School Board candidate Gizelle E. Stokes were unsuccessful Tuesday, resulting in Stokes being scheduled to reappear in Buffalo City Court on May 12.

But Stokes’ lawyer, Frank Housh, said he’s hopeful his client and the District Attorney’s Office will reach a settlement in the meantime.

“We’re hopeful between now and then we’ll find a way to resolve this case,” he said.

Stokes, 31, is facing charges of obstruction of justice, marijuana possession and resisting arrest. On Monday, she refused an offer of conditional dismissal of the charges.

Stokes was stopped March 11 by transit police for allegedly running a stop sign on Michigan Avenue at Glenwood Avenue. Police found an outstanding warrant against her on harassment charges, then searched her vehicle and reported finding a small packet of marijuana. The harassment charge has since been dismissed.