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Town Board vote fails to enact noise law

The noise ordinance which would regulate the decibel levels permitted for businesses in the Town of Newstead resulted in a tie vote and did not pass during Monday evening’s Town Board meeting.

Residents of Quarry Hill Estates, a neighborhood that closely borders local bar and concert venue Braun’s Bar, have repeatedly leveled complaints against the town government regarding noise levels.

Some were present at Monday’s meeting and argued that their homes and happiness have been compromised by noise from Braun’s concerts.

The Town Board has for months struggled doggedly over this issue, repeatedly taking field readings in the Quarry Hill neighborhood and directing Braun’s Bar in minor renovations to attempt to mitigate noise disturbances.

As Councilman James Mayrose summarized the intention of the board in drafting and addressing the proposed law, “I was elected by some of the people to serve all the people … to help guide compromises the public could not reach on its own.”

Jacquelyn Rotundo, a resident of Quarry Hill, spoke of the main residents in the neighborhood. “We’re here representing the elderly who cannot make it out of their homes and speak about the damage to well being,” she said.

Richard Baran, a former councilman in Newstead, offered a counterpoint to the complaints. He said the people of Quarry Hill “are unreasonable and if I was still on this board, my vote would be ‘no.’ … Mr. Braun has done everything that has been asked of him and they want him out of business.”

Councilman Justin Rooney had the last word before the vote, saying the bill “will create more regulation and hinder new businesses attracted to the area. This law is not the answer.”

In other business, a public hearing was scheduled at 7:45 p.m. May 12 on a new franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable.