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Letter: How can IRS give bonuses to its delinquent employees?

How can IRS give bonuses to its delinquent employees?

Who authorized bonuses for Internal Revenue Service employees, let alone those who are in arrears of taxes? Someone has to begin an investigation, and jail time is necessary for all those in management and those who extorted funds for the bonuses. IRS employees already are overpaid for their jobs. Where is the oversight? Or are those people getting bonuses, too? Where’s our attorney general, elected officials and judiciary to protect us?

The IRS has already placed the middle class in poverty, while the likes of Big Business continue to receive corporate welfare and pay no taxes – nada, zip, nil, nothing!

There has to be some honest person in government who can save America and our wallets from extinction, and correct this evil situation. Get the IRS under control and recover our money. That’s right – our money.

Henry Mazurek