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April 28, 1944: Orphans & eye strain

Most of what was written in the paper in 1944 had to do, in some way, with World War II. Even if not directly about the fighting, the backdrop of the war was apparent in every day-to-day task in Buffalo and around the country.

Thomas Webster was an orphan of the London air raids, and he moved into his uncle's home off Seneca Street.

Boy who lost parents in raid likes new home

"Deprived of parents by the Germans' ruthless bombing of London ..."

Sattler's, meanwhile, was offering ideas for helping those with eye strain brought on by second jobs for the war effort.

A second front for your eyes!

"If your eyes are feeling the results of extra wartime use ..."

4-28 1944 london airraid victim lives in south buffalo4-28 1944 wartime eyestrain

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