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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Willow Creek Lane, Keith R. Banas to Kathryn E. Kroening; Darryl G. Kroening, $174,000.

• Cambria Road, Kim Marie Wisor; Gerald Duane Wisor Jr. to David K. Rice, $172,500.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Susan Weir Tritto; Ronald J. Tritto to Shannon Lynch; Eric J. Zapalowski, $132,500.


• County Line Road, Stillwater Land Co. to Panek Family, $300,000.


• Marywood Drive, William F. Swalwell; Diane J. Swalwell to William H. Ellis, $155,500.

• School House Road, Brian Gadigian; Brian J. Gadigian to Wayne Forest Swanson; Susan Marie Swanson, $5,493.


• Cherry St., Tricia K. Denny to William J. Greiner; Cayle R. Petti, $97,500.

• Carolina Ave., Hugh Spedding; Joyce F. Linehan; Robert C. Linehan to Robert E. Reeb; Angela R. Reeb, $90,000.

• Walnut St., Garry J. Renna; Sheila A. Renna to Ashley J. Thompson, $65,000.

• Hillcrest Drive Extension & Glenwood Ave., Kathy A. Cranston; Kathryn A. Carlson; Clifford R. Carlson to David J. Carlson, $50,000.

• Lagrange St. & Harvey Ave., Roxanne Kipler; Thomas M. Peck to Double Eagle Ventures, $32,423.


• 101st St., Kathryn E. Kroening; Kathryn E. Allen to Kim M. Wisor, $107,000.

• Parkway Condo, Unit 407, Cynthia Brodbeck to Carol Maura; John Maura, $60,500.

• Packard Road, Lloyd Haseley; Joy Gerardi-Haseley to Paul Poulos, $31,000.

• Welch Ave., Michael J. Prygon to Stanley R. Wills; Karen A. Wills, $27,400.

• 630 34th St., JHS Property Management Inc. to 5K Auto Sales Inc., $9,500.


• Westwood Drive, Samuel A. Incorvia to Carmela Randazzo, $158,500.

• 161 Doyle Drive, Timothy A. Holtz; Elizabeth A. Holtz to Judith M. Thomas, $138,000.

• 1267 & 1271 Parkview Drive, Katherine A. Habuda to Steven F. Kissel; Terri L. Kissel, $135,000.

• Robinson St., William F. McCarthy to Matthew Bille, $65,000.

• Oliver St., Michael Ahearn to Sahota International Limited, $30,000.


• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Carrie A. Horn; Richard K. Horn Jr., $87,000.


• Lockport-Youngstown Road, Duane R. Murray; Laurie J. Murray; Lorraine C. Keese to Lorelei M. Licata; Pasquale A. Licata, $139,000.


• East Ave., Garry E. Sauls And Shirley A. Sauls; Shirley A. Sauls; Garry E. Sauls to Melanie K. Tetrault, $120,000.

• East Ave., Gary H. Waters to Windy L. Weaver, $78,900.


• Williams Road & Lancelot Drive, Summit Op Llc to Summit Outlet Two Lp, $1,597,000.

• Plaza Drive & Williams Road, Oberlin Plaza One Llc to Summit Outlet Lp, $1,507,000.

• Williams Road, Oberlin Plaza Two Llc to Zoral Investments Inc; Summit Outlet Three Lp, $1,010,000.

• Lakewood Drive, Peter J. Pavlovich; Nicole A. Pavlovich to Christopher A. Debernardis, $295,000.