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Letter: Some Dyngus Day revelers disrespected neighborhood

Some Dyngus Day revelers disrespected neighborhood

Thanks to all of you who came out for Dyngus Day 2014. As a resident of the neighborhood, I’d like to personally thank you on a number of items. First, let me thank you for the broken glass in the streets. Let’s also have a round of applause for the property damage, and constant urination in front of my house. Thank you for insulting me and my neighbors on our attire. Thank you for your racist remarks and general insults to my community. Thank you for coming into the neighborhood for one night to act like drunken fools.

I’m more than happy to welcome all of you into our community with open arms. I only ask that you treat the neighborhood and its residents with love and respect. It’s a fair and simple proposition. Remember that there are those of us who love and care deeply for this neighborhood and its people. I am very glad to see your enthusiasm for the history and heritage of the neighborhood. Next time, be just as enthusiastic about its future. Lets work together to create a better Broadway Fillmore.

Brian Borncamp