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Letter: News criticizes Howard but gives Obama a pass

News criticizes Howard but gives Obama a pass

I read with interest The News editorial condemning Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard for refusing to enforce a provision of the New York SAFE Act. Personally, I believe the subject provision to be unconstitutional, but that is not why I am writing.

I am writing to say that I apparently missed reading The News editorial condemning President Obama for his refusal to enforce certain provisions of Obamacare. He has arbitrarily ignored, delayed or modified explicit provisions of the federal act to accommodate his political supporters, or to delay unpleasant news until after the election.

I also missed the editorial condemning the president for his failure to enforce immigration laws, and for using his Justice Department to persecute states that attempted to enforce those laws.

I hope The News will republish those editorials so that I and others can read them.

Francis C. Martin