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Letters for April 27

Pegula had the vision to transform downtown

It hasn’t been the greatest year for Buffalo sports. The Sabres fielded by far one of their least talented teams in scoring goals and winning games.

Things have not gone well for Mr. Pegula since he acquired the team. He promised to spend money to get a winning team, and he did. He promised to get a Stanley Cup contender. He even spent a ton of money on the HarborCenter not only to bring back Main Street but to give the children in the area a better chance to make it to the NHL.

But thanks to Mr. Pegula, Lower Main Street is moving in the right direction. There will be many tournaments, much more capital for the local government, and downtown will come alive again.

Hiring Pat Lafontaine was a great move and maybe bad politics made him leave early, but he still planted the seed to turn the team around with Tim Murray and Ted Nolan. I believe they will succeed.

The mayor keeps getting re-elected on his promise to open up Main Street again. Mr. Pegula, you are light years ahead of him on lower Main Street, and have the makings of becoming our next mayor.

William Carr


Bisons’ ballpark is way too big, needs to be more family friendly

After reading Mike Harrington’s article, it seems that someone finally gets that Coca-Cola field is way too small (even as expandable) for a major league team, and way too big for a minor league (even AAA team).

I doubt if party decks are the answer, but someone should be able to make family friendly the extra space. Coca-Cola Field really only needs between 12,000 and 14,000 seats tops. Get rid of the section now for General Admission and closest to the current party deck.

Brandon Noyes

West Seneca

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