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Letter: Offshore wind farms will not hurt our lakes

Offshore wind farms will not hurt our lakes

A persuasive letter to Everybody’s Column triumphs the successful defeat of an offshore wind farm planned for Lake Erie. The writer refers to six wind turbines as a wind turbine “factory,” evoking visions of smoke-belching chimneys pouring toxins into the air. The word hardly describes the 14 Steel Winds turbines turning in the wind on Buffalo’s shoreline, producing nothing but clean energy.

She also says wind turbines would be “infesting” the Great Lakes. I think of “infesting” as it describes unwelcome plant and animal life that threatens our safety or quality of life. Nowhere does the letter point out any specific threat from wind turbines. I suspect the anti-wind vocabulary is promoted by the fossil fuel industry.

Coal, natural gas and nuclear plants are outmoded, obsolete, 20th century approaches to making electricity. Wind turbines can help replace these dangerous and polluting technologies, freeing humankind of dependence on burning fossil fuels. There are around 2,000 wind turbines installed in the waters around northern Europe where Denmark is generating 33 percent of its electricity from wind. Germany has plans to employ 100,000 people in the manufacture of wind turbines, their foundations, installation equipment and the installation itself.

It’s unfortunate that this fear campaign isn’t directed toward fighting climate change, which is already having an effect on the earth’s capacity to sustain life. Along with conserving energy, we must immediately pursue alternative energy sources that are currently available and that produce no heat-trapping gases. Wind farms and solar energy provide the best chance we have.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island