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Letter: Loss of bank is blow to the neighborhood

Loss of bank is blow to the neighborhood

There has been a banking institution on the corner of Lovejoy and Ideal streets for approximately 100 years. It had been a Marine Trust, Marine Midland, HSBC and more recently a Key Bank. When HSBC closed, we went through the paperwork to continue with Key Bank. That company came in and remodeled the building and we thought we were set for awhile. Just a week or so ago, my husband and I received notice that this bank is closing.

This is a fatal blow to us and the neighborhood. It was so convenient to have a bank within walking distance for the people of the Lovejoy/Iron Island neighborhood. Where do we go now? To Broadway and Fillmore? To Clinton and Bailey? To the Appletree Mall? I’m sorry, but none of these locations is convenient for us and the many faithful residents of our once walkable neighborhood.

Won’t someone please help? We need another bank to come in and rescue us from this unfair closing. No one seems to care about our little isolated neighborhood anymore. Certainly not the politicians, and now certainly not the banking institutions.

Marge Thielman Hastreiter