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Letter: Buffalo firefighters need thermal imaging cameras

Buffalo firefighters need thermal imaging cameras

There has been ongoing discussion among Buffalo firefighters regarding efficiencies in performing our job as well as our own safety and survival when entering structures compromised by fire and reports of trapped citizens.

The Fillmore Avenue fire on March 23 is an example of the need of the Fire Department to address the trend of utilizing technology available, to increase firefighters’ chances of finding victims more readily and enhance our tried-and-true tactics of searching in the heat and smoke.

There is an absolute need to have a minimum of two high-quality thermal imaging cameras on every truck as firefighters are called to this increasing trend of searching for potential trapped citizens in structure fires. The thermal imaging cameras will increase overall efficiencies by allowing search teams to quickly begin primary searches, stretch hose lines in position to attack the fires, overcome language barriers and increase our own safety in these adverse conditions.

Joe Lembke