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As I stroll down the dock I sat down and felt the cool wind smoothly run past me. I saw the minnows glide through the crisp, cool and clear water. The sun had a red tint to it as it was ready to set. I picked up a flat rock and skipped it across the shallows of Lake Erie.

All you could hear are the sounds of happy birds, clinging of rocks and the plop when the rock strikes the water. On occasion you might hear a boat purr as water erupts as it passes. It was very quiet; so quiet that you could even hear your own heartbeat. That quiet helped me think. That’s just what I did.

Each skip of a stone is like another step toward success. It depends how much effort you put into skipping the rock. Don’t waste time and rocks if you aren’t going to put the effort in. If you try hard enough, you will skip it as far as you want it to sail.

– Nicholas Pagano, 12, seventh grade, Amherst Middle School

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Skipping Stones