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Letter: State must do better in welcoming tourists

State must do better in welcoming tourists

This letter pertains to leaving and entering New York State. As my wife and I left New York on our journey to Florida back in December for some fun in the sun, each state we drove through greeted us with, “Welcome to Pennsylvania,” “Welcome to Virginia” or “Welcome to Georgia,” etc. We both were very impressed not only with the welcoming signs, but also the immaculate rest areas located every 80 miles or so.

On our journey home, it was the same until we hit New York State. No welcoming sign, just a big, ol’ toll booth. We have E-ZPass, so I proceeded on, only to dodge potholes at 65 mph. As for the rest stop in Angola, you had to pass radar set up by State Police in their brand-new gas-guzzling SUVs. I’ll bet tourists are very impressed with what they experienced coming to the “Empire State.” I wasn’t.

Tom Ford