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Letter: Reed has courage to make necessary, tough decisions

Reed has courage to make necessary, tough decisions

These days, the financial health of our great country is held hostage to partisan politics. With unemployment still high, we are missing out on the contributions those individuals’ income tax would make toward our country, and are instead funneling more money into entitlement programs and digging a bigger hole that our future generations will never be able to dig out of. With big government encouraging people to live on handouts, they are discouraged from becoming all that they are capable of being. This is both sad and serious.

We need to re-elect Rep. Tom Reed to Congress because our country needs people willing to make the tough decisions. Reed seems to be one of the only members in New York who recognizes the threat we face. We are more than $17 trillion in debt. The very interest we pay on this debt is going to reach $880 billion in 10 years.

Reed is facing a liberal opponent out of Ithaca who is willing to vote hand-in-hand with the extreme liberals who refuse to acknowledge the financial crisis we face. We cannot continue voting to spend more than we take in, and refusing to look at out-of-control government programs and operations. Each day our debt increases and each minute the interest alone is enough to cripple our economy for years to come. Reed is willing to stand up for future generations and do whatever is necessary to highlight waste, fraud and abuse. We need him in the House to continue fighting for families in Western New York.

Carla Westerlund