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Letter: Enforce no-parking rule or drop it for everyone

Enforce no-parking rule or drop it for everyone

Since 2003, Normal Avenue across from Kleinhans Music Hall has been a two-way street that does not allow parking at any time. This was done at the urging of the Kleinhans board to make it easier for people attending concerts. Residents were given five days’ notice of the change by letters left on doors and in mailboxes. When I called the Niagara District Common Council member and asked where we were supposed to park, he said that since the street was too narrow to allow both two-way traffic and alternate-side parking, residents should park on a side street (which Normal is) or pay to use the parking lots. Why should I or anyone else who lives here pay to park near our homes?

Even worse, and really the point of this letter, is that when there are graduations at Kleinhans and when a local church has its annual Easter service there, people not only park on the street but they block driveways, fire hydrants and bus stops. Calls to the Buffalo police non-emergency line or directly to parking enforcement do no good.

I’ve had people ask me why I’m making trouble and why I’m trying to discourage people from coming to the city by making sure they get a parking ticket. My feeling is either enforce the no-parking rule all the time (not just subjectively) or let the residents of Normal park on the street. Illegal parking on any other street in the city would result in a ticket, but here only residents have to worry about one. Eleven years of this is enough. Something needs to change.

Virgen F. Negron