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Letter: A few simple steps can help our planet

A few simple steps can help our planet

Tuesday was Earth Day. Go green! Hug a tree! Save the planet! These are great slogans, but poor directions. Well-informed people play a meaningful role.

One energy conservation example: Incandescent light bulbs waste energy. Everybody knows that. Action: Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Easy task. Quick payback. Substantial impact. Tangible rewards.

Another energy conservation example: Standard concrete building blocks waste energy. They place insulation in a bad spot. Not many people know that. Every year, U.S. masons install 1 billion inefficient concrete masonry units. Action: Replace them, one unit at a time, in new construction, with energy-efficient, insulated concrete blocks. Easy task. Quick payback. Enormous impact. Can achieve 50 percent heating and cooling energy-cost reduction.

Value grows as energy prices increase. This brings economic and environmental benefits. Money not required for energy transforms into discretionary income. Conserved energy emits no carbon.

With each rotation of an Earth day, opportunity dawns. Go green! Install LED light bulbs. Hug a tree! Choose energy-efficient insulated concrete blocks. Save the planet! Let’s work together to make our world a more comfortable space.

Marty J. Walters