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Letter: Trump might be the one to turn Bills into winner

Trump might be the one to turn Bills into winner

I find the recent talk about Donald Trump’s interest in buying the Buffalo Bills quite exciting. I personally like the idea, and here’s why. Trump’s a winner, who doesn’t tolerate losers. If you can’t deliver, you’re gone! Like him or not, he’s proven time and again he can turn a loser into a winner, whether it is in building hotels, golf courses, transports or gambling enterprises.

One of the chief concerns of the naysayers, I think, is that Trump, once he gets control of our team, would sell it quickly if he could double his money. However, the only quick way he could do that is by winning the Super Bowl, which I think he would do, since he has the money to sign the right personnel.

Nothing stays the same, and that applies to the Buffalo Bills. Eventually, who knows when, and unfortunately, the Bills may be known by a different name with loyalties to a different city, or hopefully sold to an owner with a loyalty to Buffalo. However, in my humble opinion, that will only happen when the Bills have gone out at the top, if under the ownership of The Donald or his heirs. Now that would be a legacy we can all and always be proud of. Trump has my vote. “Go Bills.”

Norman Machynski