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Letter: Parker ignores key facts in her column on racism

Parker ignores key facts in her column on racism

Kathleen Parker routinely downplays the role of racism and its offspring – selling out – in her op-ed columns. She argues that racism has little to do with the criticism that many whites have leveled against President Obama. This despite the fact that no other president has been “accused” of being a Muslim, forced to show his birth certificate to the world, referred to as a monkey, etc. Parker refuses to deal with the social and cultural context within which these attacks are leveled.

She argues that blacks are way out of line to refer to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his ilk as “Uncle Toms.” Yet Thomas has voted against the interests of blacks every time he has had the opportunity to do so.

In 2003, he voted with two other Supreme Court justices against the idea that Ku Klux Klan cross-lightings amount to racial intimidation (even on a front lawn of a house owned by a black neighbor). Earlier, he voted with another justice against the idea that excessive use of force by prison guards constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. He was the only justice to vote against giving black inmate Thomas Miller-El the opportunity to argue that prosecutors rigged his jury with whites and supporters of the death penalty. Thomas voted against upholding Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. He once questioned the legality of Brown v. Board of Education. He has voted to make it more difficult to prove job discrimination, etc.

Like it or not, the race card is in the deck. It would be foolish not to play it when necessary.

Norm Allen