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April 23, 1969: 10-cent parking, curbing drunk driving

4-23 1969 parking meters now 10 cents

There was near unanimous support to raise the price of the city’s parking meters from a nickel to a dime. It was asserted in a later op-ed that those lawmakers who opposed the increase were hoping to use it as a cornerstone of their re-election bids.

All parking meters in city now will cost 10 cents for an hour

"About 2,000 meters which now give 60 minutes of parking for 5 cents will be changed to allow 30 minutes for 5 cents and 60 minutes for 10 cents. The higher rate presently is in effect at 820 meter locations."

  • Also published on this date was one of a series of articles in The News this week about an effort to stop drinking and driving from being a socially acceptable behavior.

Social stigma is urged for drinking drivers

"Keynoter John O. Moore, motor vehicle program coordinator, State Motor Vehicles Department, called for enforcement so rigid that it will 'present overwhelming evidence that drinking drivers are not socially acceptable.' "

4-23 1969 social stigma urged for drunk drivers

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