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The Buzz: Chips ahoy, Trump tower, Mum’s the word

Chips ahoy

Don Tequila, the magnificently named restaurant on Allen Street, is always crowded, and it is easy to see why. Sure, there are the good prices and the bright colors, which really work in the former K. Gallagher’s. But the real secret is the waiters. They all seem to have been directly imported from Mexico, and if they speak any English, they do a very good job of hiding it. Instead they communicate by gesture, making you really imagine you are in Acapulco. One waiter caught Buzz’s eye when we took a seat in the bar with a girlfriend. We couldn’t figure out his gesture so we smiled and shrugged. A minute later he returned with a big bowl of salsa and a huge basket of tortilla chips. “That’s what that was about,” our friend told us. “He wanted to know if you wanted chips.” Ah, the international language of calories. Buzz, like all Buffalonians, speaks it fluently.

Trump tower

You can’t beat talk radio when you get two people and wind them up like dueling pencils, and then they go at it. That happened one morning last week with Michael Caputo and Sandy Beach duking it out on WBEN. They started out talking about Donald Trump maybe buying the Bills, but quickly got into an argument about why Trump did not run for governor. The best part was when Caputo, who stayed admirably calm, won the day when he calmly declared, “I’ve worked at the White House and at the Kremlin.” Who can top that? Not Sandy. He was trumped.

Mum’s the word

It’s hardly shrouded in mystery, the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Everyone is buzzing about it! One unsavory Facebook conversation we ran across was about removing brains and other scientific esoterica too weird to mention. And “mummy” has become a magic word when it comes to kids. Three different friends have independently mentioned to Buzz how they use the exhibit to make their kids do their bidding. As in: “If you aren’t ready for church in 10 minutes, we won’t take you to see the mummies.” And: “No clean room, no mummies.” No exhibit has had such kid appeal since “Bats: Masters of the Night.” What are we all going to do when it leaves?

Polka dottiness

Dyngus Day 2014 is over, but certain memories linger, along with those few extra pounds. One is a photo posted by “Airborne” Eddy Dobosiewicz of a guy in Polish dress sitting in a Metro Bus shelter in front of a freight train. Ha, ha! Which way to Warsaw? The other is John “Dr. Dirty” Valby, singing a family-friendly Dyngus Day song at the Millennium Hotel. Oh, wait. We didn’t exactly see that, but we read it was going to happen, and that was enough to leave us with that classic Buffalo image. (Buzz likes to spend Dyngus Day in Old Polonia. Next year, could he sing the song at Arty’s?) Finally, for a painful memory, we have East Aurora’s Explore and More Children’s Museum to thank. It offered a Dyngus Day activity called Wycinanki, defined as “Polish paper cuts.” Ouch!

The buzz

Want to keep that Dyngus Day spirit burning bright? John Stanczyk, in the parade program, advertised himself as a Strolling Accordionist. “For your special occasion,” he writes. ... Two words we are hearing more often: beer garden. We love it. It’s like going back to the days of Laurel and Hardy movies. And speaking of beer gardens, “The Sound of Music” is showing at the Screening Room, in Amherst’s Northtown Plaza, today at 7 p.m. $6.


“The Ministry Where Everybody Is Somebody.”

– Sign on Fillmore Avenue church