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Letter: Why would UB promote self-proclaimed psychic?

Why would UB promote self-proclaimed psychic?

On Wednesday, an event will take place right here in Buffalo that is remarkable for its venue. It’s an affront to reason and science, inflicted by an institution of higher learning. The University at Buffalo, at its Center for the Arts, will provide a platform for a huckster who has made a fortune hustling unsuspecting and vulnerable audiences with paranormal claims.

James van Praagh, who has been proven by well-known investigators like Buffalo’s own Joe Nickell to use deceptive tools, including hot reading, will spend an evening leveraging the UB name for his fraudulent gains.

What part of UB’s mission of educational excellence is advanced by the unquestioning presentation of pseudo-science like fortune telling and contacting the dead? I have serious reservations about the wisdom and, quite frankly, the ethics of the UB personnel in charge of this event.

Martina Fern