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Letter: Take a long, hard look at Buffalo Bills plans

Take a long, hard look at Buffalo Bills plans

The media have promoted the Buffalo Bills way beyond what the franchise’s contribution and value to our community justifies. Taxpayer interests are not better served by the Bills having served as a political cash cow to both sides of the aisle. They want our struggling community to adopt a fervent football attitude and remain oblivious toward essentially providing welfare to a wealthy football franchise. The fact that Ralph Wilson Stadium, which we built, maintain and own, is used to post prominent parking lot ads for a foreign auto company against our U.S. manufacturers doesn’t seem to register.

Ann Arbor, Mich., supports the University of Michigan football team with even more enthusiasm than we support the Bills. Admission fees and taxpayer allocations go for education and back into the community, instead of to millionaire professional players and billionaire out-of-state owners. Wouldn’t this arrangement be a much better fit for us?

Yes! We need open meetings of the stadium panel. We also need a referendum to determine if we should remain in the pro football business and how this taxpayer money is spent.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park