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On Easter Sunday, remembering that prayer matters

“Even in the face of suffering, you can dare to hope.”

That was the Easter message the Rev. Jerry Gillis shared in services today at The Chapel at Crosspoint in East Amherst.

Two high-profile families in the large Chapel ranks have gone through very public suffering in recent weeks: the Kellys and the Sauers.

It has added an extra challenge, Gillis has told church-goers in recent weeks, but also an opportunity to show God’s love, strength and grace.

Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is back in Western New York this weekend as he continues with chemotherapy treatments for jaw cancer. Read the latest in a story about the Kelly family’s journey here

Meanwhile, the family of 4-year-old Ben Sauer continues to inspire people across the globe as his battle with a brain tumor continues. Buffalo News Staff Writer Matthew Spina helped introduce the family and its struggle in a story published last month. Read it here

The Sauers shared more of the story in a video shown at services at the Chapel today.

See it about 39 minutes and 15 seconds into the start of today’s services, which can be found online at Particularly poignant is Ben’s father talking about the opportunity God has given his son for sharing the family’s beliefs, including the Resurrection.

Also today, you can read a story here about how other Christians in the region spend time at cemeteries during the Easter season as one way to honor their friends, family and spirituality.

One of the things all of these families have discovered during their journeys is that there is power in their Christian beliefs – one that is fueled by the power of prayer.

Prayer matters even in the most worldly of ways, as patients, medical professionals and others told Staff Writer Melinda Miller and me for a story published last Easter season in The News

With that in mind, here’s just a suggestion for those who celebrated a glorious Easter Sunday in the region, and who wonder if there is anything they can do for the Kellys, the Sauers or others who walk these days in particularly challenging times.


– Scott Scanlon


Twitter: @BN Refresh

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