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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Rose Road, Joan B. Jaques; Austin C. Jaques to Jeremiah Lynn Beachy; Erma Elaine Beachy; Jeremiah L. Beachy; Erma E. Beachy, $142,500.

• Johnson Creek Road, Jennifer N. Allen to Frederick W. House, $32,000.


• Onondaga St. & Fairchild Place, DLZ Capital to 765 Fairchild Place Llc, $375,000.

• Pletcher Road, William R. Polin; Maureen J. Polin to David Rhoades; David Kahl, $200,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Norman L. Smeal; Lance E. Smeal to Peter A. Fortino; Christina L. Fortino, $120,000.

• 490 Meadowbrook Drive, HSBC Bank to Kelly Lauber, $69,269.

• Brookside Drive, Jill L. Boland to Thomas C. Infantino, $59,000.

• Bridle Path Lane, Saddlewood Development Associates Limited Partnership to Scott Gregory; Sarah Gregory, $48,000.

• 4057 Dickersonville Road, Household Finance Realty Corp. of New York to Susan Walker, $42,000.


• High St., Scott D. Lytle to Sandra L. Lauer, $100,000.

• Park Ave., John D. McHugh; Megan M. Grygorcewicz; Megan M. Grygorcewicz-McHugh to Amber Bearfield, $70,000.

• 55 Prospect St., Richard M. Hoverstock; Marlene E. Hoverstock to Alysa Hillman, $54,000.

• State Road, Thaddeus L. Pazik; Patricia A. Chambers to 250 State Road Llc, $48,000.

• Walnut St., Joann Ritz; Joann Fiegel to Charlotte Doerfel, $36,700.

• Bristol Ave., Mary Anne Payne; Eileen A. Stevenson to Kimberly Johnson; James Johnson, $30,000.

• Chestnut St., Douglas J. Weir; Barbara J. Weir; Sandra W. Gallagher to Crestview Property Holdings, $15,000.


• Lockport-Olcott Road, Ernest Mata Jr.; Bryan Gawronski to Matthew Niezgoda, $120,000.

• Ide Road, Maureen L. Koziolek; Maureen L. Gross to Richard H. Serth, $68,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $96,139 Average price: $45,778 Median price: $42,500 Number of Sales: 12

• 2452 Michigan Ave., Gregory L. Gansworth; Michele E. Celeste to HUD, $96,139.

• 623 13th St., Karen A. Bolyard to Fannie Mae, $75,523.

• 203 83rd St., M&T Bank to Phillip Fournier, $58,000.

• 4813 Tuscarora Road, Kristy Wisniewski; Walter Wisniewski III to Ruth D. Pirinelli; Dawn A. Pirinelli, $58,000.

• 1513 98th St., Tracy L. Wichman; David L. Wichman to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., $54,172.

• Niagara St., Anthony Colangelo; Fiorinda Colangelo to Natasha Sabrina Llc, $52,000.

• 27th St., Ying Wei Xu to Leo Benevento, $33,000.

• 1748 Lasalle Ave., Keith A. Canazzi to Silver Tie Homes, $28,500.

• 158 63rd St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John R. Abel, $25,000.

• 75th St., John Bugay; Gilbert R. Bugay to James Costanzo, $25,000.

• L233 Cleveland Ave., Kolawole A. Shittu to Redbird Properties, $23,000.

• Haeberle Ave., Dennis B. Hepler; Buford D. Hepler to Fletcher Bess; Crystal Bess, $21,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $169,918 Average price: $86,165 Median price: $90,450 Number of Sales: 8

• L125 Thomas Fox Drive East, Anthony Ciliberto; Theresa A. Harris; Theresa A. Ciliberto to Philip J. Walker, $169,918.

• Deerfield Drive, Ronald J. Ventry; Mary L. Ventry to Jillian M. Stegall; Erik R. Stegall, $114,500.

• Payne Ave., Melissa A. Winling; Salvatore D. Vacanti; Melissa A. Vacanti to Michael A. Ridge, $107,500.

• Main St., A.E. Gombert Lumber Company Inc. to Eric R. Zellner, $102,000.

• Oliver St., Michelle Bille; Matthew Bille; Michele A. Bille; Matthew D. Bille to First Fish, $78,900.

• Wheatfield St., Paul Phillips-Stoklosa; Joseph J. Oliverio; Josephine R. Oliverio to Joshua R. Spencer, $51,000.

• Sommer St., Evelyn M. Toth; Heather L. Goupil to Kenneth Fawcett, $38,000.

• 27 Linwood Ave., US Bank to Catherine Gordon, $27,500.


• Dunnigan Road, Linda Sue Peebles-Fish; Charles Fish to Yizi Yang; Wen Liu, $252,000.

• Oakwood Drive, Amanda J. Ignatowski to Stephanie M. Chase, $137,000.


• Miller Road, Rodger J. Wittcop; James E. Bedford to Amelia E. Wittcop; Alexander B. Alt, $166,000.

• 5916 Griswold St., Barbara Young to Brandon Rudroff; Michelle Rudroff, $154,900.

• Dale Road, Amelia E. Wittcop; Alexander B. Alt to Joseph Cosmano, $35,000.


• 9523 Somerset Drive, Mary Jane Grammatico; Michael P. Grammatico Jr. to Judith M. Thompson; Gary L. Thompson, $230,000.


• Royal Parkway South, Leigh Ann Ricotta to Jason Baker; Laura B. Bohneberg, $115,900.

• Upper Mountain Road, Shirley J. Wagner; Peter J. Wagner to Jill Thomas; Paul L. Lavocat, $75,000.


• 4813 Tuscarora Road, Kristy Wisniewski; Walter Wisniewski III to Ruth D. Pirinelli; Dawn A. Pirinelli, $58,000.


• 6783 Walmore Road, Marcia Brierley; William Scotland; Grace L. Scotland to Lisa C. Celeste, $153,500.

• 6667 Hunt St. & 2550 Niagara Road, William W. Ziehm; Rosemarie A. Ziehm to Shawn Schott, $150,000.

• River Road, Thomas D. Gall; Nina T. Gall to Lenore Capizzi; John C. Veroba Jr., $144,500.

• Lockport Road, Timothy V. Becker; Dawn E. Becker to Melissa A. Schebell; Martin S. Schebell Jr., $140,000.

• Shawnee Road, Nancy Anne Stoeckel; William R. Stoeckel Jr.; Esther A. Stoeckel; Anne Marie Peck; Nancy Anne Juron to Mark J. Berube, $100,000.

• Ward Road, Michael K. Beutel; Kirsty I. Beutel to Wilfred K. Beutel; Pamela J. Beutel, $85,000.

• Niagara St. & Hunt St., William Ziehm; David R. Ziehm to Tod R. Craggs, $55,000.


• Fitch Road, Robert Caruso to Matthew Ball; Kathryn L. Ball, $109,000.

• Randall Road, Shirley C. Nowicki to Nicole S. Feor; Mark A. Feor, $75,000.