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Letter: Synchronizing lights will ease traffic flow

Synchronizing lights will ease traffic flow

It would be a huge mistake to reduce speed limits on the Scajaquada. This expressway is used primarily to get from point A to point B. It is not used to take a Sunday drive. The horse-and-buggy days are long gone. This expressway relieves traffic on the city streets. Imagine what a traffic nightmare it would create if the Scajaquada was closed for a whole day.

Instead of “punishing” motorists with this backward thinking, concentrate on making traffic flow more smoothly. How? By synchronizing traffic lights, especially on Sheridan Drive. No matter what speed you are driving, it is almost impossible to experience two successive green lights – not very fuel-friendly.

At the turn of the century, Buffalo was called the City of Lights. Today it means the city of traffic lights!

Chris Nasca