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Letter: Make minor adjustments to improve Scajaquada

Make minor adjustments to improve Scajaquada

I attended the State Department of Transportation meeting at SUNY Buffalo State regarding the redesign and reconstruction of the Scajaquada Expressway. Coming home from the meeting about 9 p.m., I noted in front of my house the intense stream of traffic heading west on Route 198 (not rush hour). I envisioned all this traffic (if Route 198 is eliminated) or a good part of it (if the route is changed to a boulevard) heading north on Parkside. What a mess!

I must say I am embarrassed by my community’s self-serving comments. This only reinforces my concern that we are about to make a serious mistake in ending the present existing design. Think of redesigning downtown Main Street 35 years ago to eliminate autos.

I know there are improvements needed for the Scajaquada, but I do not think we should eliminate the “limited access highway” setup. Many revisions can be made to enhance the safe and smooth flow of traffic without spending $80 million to $100 million, as stated by the DOT at the meeting. I simply ask that we keep the needs of the city, county and all travelers in mind as we work toward these changes. As was stated at the meeting by one of the few broad-minded speakers: We are not in the 19th century, when Frederick Law Olmsted designed the park for horse-drawn buggies.

David F. Baker