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Letter: Efforts to limit voting show GOP in panic mode

Efforts to limit voting show GOP in panic mode

Anyone remotely aware of voter suppression in this country being perpetrated in states controlled by Republican governors and legislators had to chuckle at the letter, “Voter ID efforts seek to legitimize elections.”

The writer claims that the Democratic National Committee, the Obama administration and The News don’t want legitimate elections because they want to allow everyone the opportunity to vote. He insinuates that there are lots of ineligible and illegitimate voters, and claims The News is short on facts.

Every statewide, independent study has shown voter fraud to be so fractional as to be a non-issue. So why are states like North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and several others that are Republican-dominated committing voter suppression? Why are they targeting urban, low-income and young student areas exclusively? Why, in those areas, are they removing voting machines, taking away voting on weekends and shortening voting hours, mandating long lines?

Demographics are changing. Yet those on the right still cling to their single mindedness against minorities, women, the poor and the middle class. Witness Ukraine. What can’t be won fairly, simply take!

Leonard Gross

East Amherst