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Letter: Delivery man’s gun likely saved his life

Delivery man’s gun likely saved his life

For all that is made of the measures that supposedly protect our citizens from gun violence, there are two very tired and misleading statements. The first is often used in the closing statements made by those who embrace the removal of firearms from society. They complete the propaganda-laden remarks with “so this never happens again.” This has been used repeatedly to punctuate the speeches made after mass shootings and violent examples of deranged people taking innocent lives. The other emotional plea for legislation is: “If this saves one life, it is worth it.”

A story in the April 16 News gave details of the credibility of the power of the “armed citizen.” Robbers who attacked an honest man with a hammer were thwarted by a citizen who made the decision to arm himself. This man, who remains nameless, recognized what many American citizens have – that the police cannot be everywhere and their jobs are more in solving crimes than preventing them.

This story could have been one of the many that fall into the category of unsolved or cold cases that languish in the files. Yet in this instance, this man, who had set about his job on an otherwise ordinary day, refused to become a statistic.

So even though the useless and misleading phrase “so this never happens again” cannot be used, the promise of “even if it saves one life” has come full circle, because one person made a difference in arming himself and saving his own life.

James Monteleone