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The Buzz

The upper room

There is one thing about Ralph Wilson that Buzz will especially miss. He seemed to be the last person anyone called Mister. We remember listening to one radio interview and marveling at how reporters – who called Marv Levy “Marv” – addressed the team’s owner as “Mr. Wilson.” Does anyone else in town get called “Mr.”? Hardly anyone, unless you are a kid – make that a respectful kid – addressing your teacher. In the growing tide of informality – even priests are now “Father Jim” and “Father Bob” – this kind of respect has mostly been washed under. “Mr.” is a thing of the past, a quaint convention that here in Buffalo was applied only to Mr. Wilson and, now that he is gone, will go with him. Other people will miss the Bills owner. We’ll miss the Mister.

Hitting the gym

When L.A. Fitness bought the coed branches of the Buffalo Athletic Club, Buzz, as a BAC member, waffled for three weeks, trying to figure out what to do. During that time we went to neither gym (and, go figure, lost five pounds). Finally we chose L.A. Fitness, because their clubs are nearer to us. We have to say, L.A. Fitness keeps us laughing. One day a recording shouted at us: “Be inspired to perspire!” We love that cumbersome, Latin-root rhyme! Another day, it was announced that a guy had been kicked out because he had taken covert pictures of women exercising. “Are you kidding?” a girlfriend said, when Buzz gossiped about that. “I would love it if someone took pictures of me exercising. I would be so flattered!” Yeah, on second thought, bring that guy back!

The buzz

Saturday at Kleinhans Music Hall, a storm blew in at the last minute, coating everything with snow and ice. Soloist Wu Man – playing the pipa, a big Chinese stringed instrument – gave us sympathy as an encore. “This is a traditional song,” she said. She smiled. “It’s called ‘White Snow In Spring.’” ... So what if it gets warm. We choose winter! Over the weekend, we saw a fine specimen of a Christmas wreath still festooning Lexington Avenue.


“Team members only.” – Sign on door inside PriceRite, indicating employee-only area