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Remember the 60s? Get ready – the temperature today is predicted to reach into the happy zone

Yes, today is Aprils Fools’ Day and the merry pranksters will be out in force, perhaps informing you that a Mr. Fish has called and urgently needs to speak to you and would you please call him at this number? After which you find yourself speaking to an eye-rolling employee of the local aquarium.

But this is no April Fools’ joke: Today – mark it down – on April 1, 2014, the temperature in Western New York is forecast to reach into the 60s.

Perhaps you don’t remember the 60s – and we’re not talking long hair and drugs. This is about short sleeves and sun. For a refresher, the 60s refers to a moderate temperature range on the Fahrenheit scale in which people neither shiver nor glower. They tend, oddly enough, to smile and look up, sometimes gesturing toward the celestial orb commonly known as “the sun.”

Work productivity may decline as temporarily disoriented workers are forced to consider the ramifications of warmer days (eventually) to come, late evenings in the daylight and the just reward of an ice cold beer after mowing the grass. (Note: Grass is a green-bladed plant that sprouts from lawns in warm weather, generally recognized as beginning in the aforementioned 60s.)

The last time this region saw temperatures in that happy range was on Dec. 5, which seems like seven years ago but evidently wasn’t. On that day, the mercury crept to 61 degrees. It was preceded and followed by nights in the 30s and on Dec. 6, it snowed. And since then, it hasn’t stopped snowing, or if it has, it sure doesn’t seems that way.

Today, it won’t snow. Today, if the forecasters are correct, the temperature will break 60 degrees.

This will be fun. Everybody smile.