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Letter: How could Case impose such a lenient sentence?

How could Case impose such a lenient sentence?

What is going on at The News and in the courtroom of Erie County Judge Kenneth F. Case? Buried on page B3 of the March 19 News was a small article about an East Amherst man who molested four girls under the age of 13 over a six-year period. Case sentenced him to only six months in the Erie County Correctional Facility, followed by 10 years’ probation. I find it ironic that, approximately one week later, one of the large stories on page B1 was about a woman convicted of embezzling youth hockey funds who, incidentally, received nearly the same prison sentence as the child molester.

Where is the justice and the appropriate media reporting regarding this horrific judicial decision and case? On March 18, Case imposed the sentence on former stockbroker, Kenneth F. Lee, 51, who had pleaded guilty in November to two counts of second-degree sexual course of conduct against a child and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse. He had faced a maximum possible prison sentence of up to seven years.

As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I understand the need for plea deals in some cases, but Case had the duty, ability and discretion to impose a much more severe, ethical and community-minded sentence. What would warrant such an outrageously low sentence? There is something terribly wrong here!

I tend to believe that if one of the victims happened to be a family member or friend of Case, he would have ensured that the offender would be in prison for much longer. I also assume Lee won’t be living in Case’s neighborhood, but he may be residing in yours very soon.

Ed Needham