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Letter: Buffalo did a great job with NCAA tournament

Buffalo did a great job with NCAA tournament

As many establishments and entities were taking advantage of the large crowds that the recent NCAA basketball event brought to our region by conspicuously raising their prices and adding cover charges, there was one organization that stood out in a noteworthy way. All Pro Parking resisted the temptation to obnoxiously raise its parking rates even in the most immediate areas surrounding First Niagara Center. It didn’t have a parking lot charging more than $15. This was a major positive for the City of Buffalo and hopefully these efforts do not go unnoticed by local officials. This is just one of the positive reasons that Buffalo will be considered for such prestigious events in the future.

Again at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery we encountered one of the biggest sales weeks and payroll weeks in our history, and applaud all of the businesses that chose to do business in an honest and ethical fashion. There were more than enough new customers for all, and this is just what the local businesses needed after a long, harsh winter. It may have been cold outside, but Buffalo certainly shined on a national stage again. Visit Buffalo Niagara and all of the volunteers involved did a nice job.

Bill Casale

General Manager

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery