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Love letters to Bistro Europa: as tiny groundbreaking Buffalo restaurant closes, fans remember

Cherry soup at bistro europa

Cold cherry soup at Bistro Europa, only while the Niagara cherries were in season.

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

The day it closes Bistro Europa, the 28-seat restaurant that had an outsized impact on the Buffalo restaurant scene, is getting lovies from its acolytes.

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Tom Pryzbalak wrote:

I got three years of culinary education in the basement of an old Subway Restaurant on Elmwood Avenue. 

Today we bid a fond farewell to the little bistro that could. Not gone forever - just growing with its owners into what it should be, and what they deserve. 

I posted about a year ago that Bistro Europa was the best kept secret in Buffalo. I said "Get there now, because when this place ends up on the front cover of a magazine, you're gonna want to say "I ate crispy pig ears at that joint while the Owner sang along to Wu-Tang behind this weird curtain in this little tiny restaurant. You wouldn't believe it." 

Chef James Roberts of Park Country Club enumerated a few of his favorite things about Ellen and Steve Gedra's restaurant:

"3.) being able to answer the question of "you're a chef, whats your favorite restaurant in town" with "what do you mean you have never been to europa?" every single time.
4.) pushups on the barmat at 3 am
5.) having to do pushups on the bar mat at 5am to get tmeadow giuanciale carbonara at 6am"

… only to be topped by:

"19.) being able to bring any chef, national or local, of any level into that place, and have them feel instantly at home with the shop talk and cook stories
20.) offering the guy next to you a bite of your dish, off your fork, and having it be okay that he takes it."

And this, from Mary Mammoser Machina:

Then I found out that they do a Pig Head dinner! YES a must do for my husband..... I called to find out info about the Pig Head dinner before going into work one day.... I talked to Chef Steve on the phone for about 20 minutes about it.... and I actually got HIGH listening to this guy and his passion for cooking and the wonderfulness of the PIG. .... we still have the pig skull ....

Who else would let me come in on a busy Saturday night and take pictures?????

Where else would you go and hear the Chef singing and making strange noises in the kitchen.... LOL.... this was a first for me..... and I have grown to love the people and the food.....

I will miss the little intimate place known as Bistro Europa.... but, I'm so excited to see what is going to happen with "Black Sheep". I know that this place is going to ROCK and go above and beyond Steve and Ellen's wildest dreams.

The Black Sheep Restaurant is expected to open later in 2014. No pressure.



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