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Letter: Executives’ salaries are outrageously high

Executives’ salaries are outrageously high

“Greed is good,” according to Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street.” Well, let’s welcome those executives at Time Warner Cable, soon to be Comcast, to the club. Lucrative stipends in excess of $135 million will be awarded to as few as four men, one of whom was with the company for less than a year before the merger was announced.

How much is enough? When will these incredulous payouts to company officials be considered excessive? What can these men possibly do that entitles them to receive such a huge largess? If there’s nothing that can be done legally, then maybe we can appeal to their collective consciences to donate a healthy percentage of their considerable “earnings” to charity.

I don’t know the answers to the above questions, but if Comcast raises its prices in the same staccato-like pattern that Time Warner Cable did, then customers will look for other options – if any remain available.

Scott Patterson