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Javad, Brown, Richert win State Emmys; CBS report on Kelly powerful

By Alan Pergament

Catching up on the headlines after a week away:

A while back, I told you that Channel 2 sports reporter Jonah Javad, who I initially criticized for trying too hard to be clever, is growing on me a little bit.

I also foolishly spelled his name wrong once, which led to him tweeting me the proper spelling.

Well, Javad is making a name for himself statewide now.

On Sunday night, he was one of three local winners at the State Emmy Awards in New York City, a competition dominated by the big network affiliates downstate and the sports channels there.

Jovad won in the category of "Sports: News Single Story" for a Feb.25 " story called "Rising Son" about the triumph over extreme adversity by Buffalo State College basketball star Jake Simmons. (The photographer on the story was Ben Read.)

It was one of two Channel 2 victories. Scott Brown won in the category of "On-Camera Talent- reporter political" for a composite of his work last year.

Channel 4's under-appreciated reporter George Richert won in the "Feature News Report: Serious" category for a Feb.14, 2013 story titled "Wilson House Explosion: An Unsolved Mystery."

The sports channels MSG and YES, which are both available on local cable, topped the statewide competion with 14 and 13 awards, respectively.

I'm sure many more people will watch this morning's report by Kenmore native Jeff Glor on "CBS This Morning" on the battle that former Bills great Jim Kelly is waging against cancer when the report is carried on social media and local affiliates later today. And I dare anyone not to be moved to tears by every interview that Glor did on this morning's report. Kelly's wife, Jill, his daughter Erin, his brother Dan and former teammate Thurman Thomas were interviewed in the report. And Kelly delivered a brief message from his hospital bed in New York City, asking for the prayers he has received locally and nationally to continue.

All the interviews were gulp-in-your-throat stuff that seemed to move CBS anchors Norah O'Donnell, Charlie Rose and Gayle King when they discussed it after Glor's report ended.

One of the best and worst parts of flying on Jet Blue is getting to watch television shows during your trip.

The best part is it is for free.

The worst part is the number of times you are interrupted by the crew for obligatory lectures about flight procedure.

It usually happens at a key time during an hour-long drama or an important basketball game. On Sunday night, I was paying strict attention to a conversation on "The Good Wife" between Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and her daughter about religion and the afterlife. Just as I was about to hear Alicia's response to her daughter's feelings that Will Gardner (Josh Charles) was a good man who is up in heaven, I was interrupted by a flight crew member who reported that we were 20 minutes from landing in Buffalo and other information I could have done without.

By the way, I think Will's death is a good thing for "The Good Wife." The early episodes this season rekindling the chances that Will and Alicia might get back together seemed so repetitive before we learned they were setting up Will's death. It was time to move on from that relationship.

So tonight's finally the end of "How I Met Your Mother." I think the show waited a year too long to show us how Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) met his future wife and the mother of his children because the last few episodes I saw this season didn't even try to be funny. Hopefully, there will be some laughter along with the sweetness in the hour finale tonight. But I wouldn't count on it.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks Radnor and Jimmy Fallon look alike?

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