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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 9th St., Barone Building Co. Inc to Luther G. Anderson, $205,000.

• Dickersonville Road, Edgar Neil Hayes; Anne W. Hayes to Mark R. Tower; Jennifer A. Filipski, $121,000.

• Calkins Road, William M. Fechner to Katherine Miller, $119,000.

• 250 South 1st St., John C. Caldwell to Bank of America, $45,574.


• Park Lane Circle, Penny A. Wittlinger; Michael E. Wittlinger to Elizabeth L. Podgers, $116,000.

• Eisenhower Drive, Angela E. Coba to Chad M. Ramming; Andrea M. Ramming, $103,000.

• Church St., Salvatore Cieri Jr.; Erica K. Cieri to Bobbi E. Heiman, $63,750.

• High St., Saul Glazer; Paul Glazer to Shanna M. Klumpp; Kevin M. Klumpp, $63,500.


• 7200 Woodhaven Drive, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Kevin Lowe, $182,500.

• 7200 Woodhaven Drive, Paula M. Schalberg; Adam M. Schalberg to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $182,500.

• Old English Road, Marcia B. Haseley; Laurence M. Haseley to Sonia S. Zang; James T. Zang III, $143,000.


• Coomer Road, Ian B. Steel to Kathleen M. Steel; Donald B. Steel, $114,082.

• Coomer Road, Laura E. Niziol to Ian B. Steel, $10,500.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $175,000 Average price: $76,918 Median price: $67,000 Number of Sales: 9

• College Ave. & Lewiston Road, Maureen Matteson; James A. Matteson to Tammy L. Zaker, $175,000.

• 75th St., Brian D. Keil to Nathan W. Dunkle; Kristin M. Dunkle, $91,952.

• 71st St. & Frontier Ave., Katherine E. Miller to Shannon Bradley, $90,000.

• 100th St., Laurie J. Marshall; James M. Marshall to Constance Freeze, $84,000.

• 68th St., Mary Anne Woock to Gerri Lyn Petito, $67,000.

• Sweet Home Road, Harold J. Smith; Gordon F. Smith; Donald H. Smith to Cori Barnes, $53,000.

• Colvin Blvd., Anthony C. Lopiccolo to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $47,308.

• Cayuga Drive, Patricia Wilkerson; John A. Probash to Daniel Brousse, $44,000.

• Independence Ave. & 22nd St., Maria Figliomeni; Antonio Figliomeni to Mariette Mansour; Fouad M. Mansour, $40,000.


• Belmont Court East, Angela Stauffer; Angela Duffy to Jennifer L. Ray; David J. Ray, $137,000.

• Westbrook Drive, Charles H. Watson to Cleveland Southern; Alicia Southern, $133,000.

• Eda Payne Ave. & Wheatfield St., John Giuseppetti; Cecelia C. Giuseppetti to Kathleen A. Rost, $122,000.

• Center Ave., Marie T. Larry; Marie T. Karamanski to Andrey N. Tupchik, $110,000.

• 1435 Payne Ave., Kelly C. Lorenz to Wells Fargo Bank, $95,760.

• Wheatfield St., Julie Gordon to Jason B. Haseley, $87,000.

• 120 Linwood Ave., Melissa Ann Barney; Paul F. Wasielewski; Donna G. Wasielewski; Francis M. Wasielewski; James Christopher Wasielewski; Paul Francis Wasielewski to Laurie J. Marshall; James M. Marshall, $83,000.


• Townline Road, Tamara O’Grady; Michael O’Grady Jr to Roland P. Jamieson Jr., $90,000.

• Dunnigan Road, Diane M. Harpham to Jennifer A. Dexheimer, $8,700.


• Northfield Drive, Violet I. Bovanizer; Keith R. Bovanizer to Rachel W. Siegrist, $109,000.

• Youngstown-Lockport Road, Roberta L. Tubridy to Julie Heiman; Jeffrey Heiman, $105,500.


• 5097 Griswold St. & 9799 Chestnut Ridge Road, Brett Decker; Brett K. Decker to JJ Farms; Joseph Smith; James Smith, $247,875.

• South Vernon St., Rosalie E. Bailor to Samantha P. Hunter; Nicholas L. Herriven, $84,800.

• Emerson Place, Christina M. Wolfe to Georgette M. Vachon, $82,978.


• 8681 Lake Road, Maranda L. Cox; Beverly J. Cox to HUD, $54,587.


• Slusaric Road, Alliance Construction of WNY Inc. to Marc S. Herring; Jaime A. Ganti; Jaime A. Herring, $276,400.

• 2466 Woodthrush Court, Cartus Financial Corp. to Billy D. Caviness, $199,900.

• Stieg Road, Beverly Jo Martin; Albert T. Martin to Tina M. Eisenbart; Donald F. Eisenbart, $85,000.

• Nash Road, Pamela J. Leprell; Edward M. Leprell; Edward M. Leprell Jr. to James Devantier, $9,000.