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Letter: ‘Sit and stare’ policy is epitome of waste

‘Sit and stare’ policy is epitome of waste

I was shocked by The News editorial on state testing and “sit and stare” policy. I have been a public school teacher for 25 years, and if I applied such a policy in my classroom my administrators would be furious with me.

How can The News support such a waste of taxpayer dollars? For a child to sit and do nothing is the epitome of waste – wasted time, wasted resources and wasted energy. Forcing the child to sit there while all of the students around him engage in an activity most certainly qualifies as child abuse. One of the basic principles of education is to never single out and embarrass one of the students. Sit and stare does exactly that.

As far as the parents exercising their right to opt out of the test, that is an example of civil disobedience by a frustrated group of people who have been left with no other option. The rushed and flawed implementations of the Common Core and new teacher evaluation system are further examples of our incompetent leadership in New York State. Thankfully, democracy is alive and well and all those affected can still express their displeasure freely.

Michael A. Grosso