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Letter: Kennedy’s about-face shows lack of character

Kennedy’s about-face shows lack of character

With all the press State Sen. Tim Kennedy is getting regarding his statement that he has “evolved” on the issue of abortion, it is fairly obvious that The News will endorse him come election time.

Now, embraced by the pro-choice movement, Kennedy has forsaken his religious beliefs for a chance at another term in the State Senate. Out of fear that he would be labeled a “pro-life Democrat” he has acquiesced to the power of the Independent Democratic caucus and has had an epiphany forsaking the lives of the unborn for his own selfish political future.

Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant, who is running against him, is also pro-choice, but at least she stated so up front and didn’t flip-flop for political gain. Pro-life voters lose either way, however, there is a serious question here of character. People respect a person who stands fast and faces the slings and arrows to defend his principles and, in this case, the lives of the most defenseless.

Kennedy has obviously made his choice. Opportunists and politicians rarely have a conscience. Instead of being a Sir Galahad, he is just another political stooge. So sad.

Paul Weslow