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Letter: It’s time to deregulate education in America

It’s time to deregulate education in America

Having The News, an institution protected by the First Amendment, admonish parents for a peaceful act of civil disobedience is hypocritical. (See March 20 editorial, “Testing shouldn’t be an option.”)

Many of us see the mandates for curricula, student testing and teacher evaluation as modern tyranny by an unresponsive government. Boycotts are a revered and historic method of protest.

Our forebears disestablished the press during colonial times and disestablished religion with the Bill of Rights. We have deregulated airlines, phone companies, railroads, telecommunications and banking.

The time has come to deregulate education and allow the public to create the schools it wants, not the government.

A press that enjoys its freedoms should be a champion of the same freedoms for education.

John E. Newton

East Aurora