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Letter: It’s obvious Brown isn’t up to challenge

It’s obvious Brown isn’t up to challenge

I very much agree with the March 22 News editorial regarding School Superintendent Pamela Brown. After 30 years of teaching, I have seen my share of teachers and superintendents who made it their business to be on top of things and some who were not. The proof was in the results. “It has come to my attention” is a red flag when used in any situation involving a professional. Basically, it is an excuse for not doing your job.

Certainly I am not the only one lamenting the fact that the district should have retained Amber Dixon, who served as interim superintendent after James Williams left. A word of advice: Just because someone has impressive academic letters after his/her name does not guarantee he/she is up to the challenge.

It seems to me that the Buffalo Public Schools boardroom is littered with red flags. It is definitely time to clean that up and make a big change.

Delphine Levesque