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Letter: If you make better cars, Americans will buy them

If you make better cars, Americans will buy them

I noted with interest the letter writer who chided those for buying foreign automobiles. While I agree with the writer that buying American cars preserves American jobs, I also work very hard for my money.

With that said, I have owned new American automobiles since 1987. Within the first eights months, that first car went back to the dealer for a problem that literally took months to get corrected. In 1991, I bought my second new American car. Within the first week, that too went back for defects. Fast forward to 1999, and another American vehicle. Again, it had its share of problems. So in 2001, I tried again, and bought another American-made car. Do I need to say more?

In 2007, I had finally had enough. I went out and bought my first-ever foreign car. Did it have problems? Sure, but not until five and a half years later, and it was only normal wear and tear. I now own my second foreign car. I have had it for more than a year now, and have not had not one problem! So I ask the question: foreign or domestic? Hmm!

Jeffrey Hewitt

West Seneca