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Letter: Getting re-elected is all that matters

Getting re-elected is all that matters

I just have to get this off my chest! As a lifelong resident of Western New York, it is plain to see that these type of 2-cent politicians we continue to elect (shame on us), do only what is good for their re-election.

No matter what your position on the abortion issue, it’s pretty clear that State Sen. Tim Kennedy is changing his stance by what he perceives to be the best position to get re-elected. He no doubt read some poll, took some advice and thinks this position is best to “evolve” to.

We elect the same small-minded people over and over – the same power families – and nothing changes. We have been going downhill for 40-plus years and this politico just brings us more of the same. With so many dependent on government, I believe it is probably too late to turn this around.

John Coniglio