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Letter: Region needs to protect resources from terrorists

Region needs to protect resources from terrorists

I was shocked and extremely troubled by the March 21 News story on the terrorist magazine “Inspire.” Ever since 9/11, I have been thinking about how vulnerable the Buffalo Niagara region is to a terrorist attack.

I was upset when officials discussed closing the Niagara Falls Air Reserve base. Why would we want to take away our only possible defense in that area? Niagara Falls generates the electricity for New York City and Buffalo Niagara. The Great Lakes is the largest fresh water supply in the world. We need to protect these valuable resources. Or should we wait until disaster strikes?

Terrorism will never stop. Those who are part of terrorist groups hate America and all other countries like us and always will. They cannot be reasoned with. We need to be vigilant and not naive about what can happen. Please, Department of Homeland Security, rethink this situation and give this region the protection that we so seriously need.

Madalyn Mayer